Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Let  us remind ourselves this morning of the  reason for this showdown. It is not about subsidy, I keep repeating this fact. It is about the following indices that make our govenrment big, wasteful  and ineffective:

  • Big and overblown   governments at all levels
  • 70 Ministers
  • Over twenty Special advisers (on what?)
  • Every minister is entitled to 4 Special Assistants
  • Senate President earns 88 Million Naira monthly
  • His Deputy Earns 55 Million Naira monthly
  • Senators take home 14 Million naira monthly
  • It takes 1.4 Trillion (NOT Billion) naira to mantain the NASS annually (Rememeber what Sanusi said about  25% of our GDP is used to feed people who only sit Tuesday - Thursday)
  • Our Governors  exhibit such level of opulence  shunned by the richest nations in the world
  • Our 2012 budget has a deficit component to it. We are supposed to borrow about 1.6 TRILLION NAIRA.
  • NASS will be paid from that!
  • Aso Rock will use  1 Billion of it to eat!
  • Aso Rock will use another 1 Billion to fuel generators.
  • The Vice President will use 58 Million Naira to buy newspapers
  • The office of  Patience Jonathan will use 500 Million to speak bad english to you.
  • We will spend close to 500 Billion on International Travels
  • In 2012, some state governors will collect 100 as security votes MONTHLY
  • They will continue to enjoy immunity clause!
  • Your hospitals will have no drugs
  • Your schools will still have no quality to train a world class scholar
  •  Your roads will still be death traps
  • You will still be a local government unto yourself, providing water, security, power and  social security!
  • You will still pay more for petroleum products.
  • You will pay toll in 2012 on federal interstate roads.
If you will like this to continue in 2012, then stay at home and enjoy power as provided by PHCN!


Anonymous said...

A government that has track records of looting and mismanagement and has not shown any political will to deal with any looter is asking for TRUST from it's people.

C savage said...

Long live Nigeria. God bless u guys and protect u and give u wisdom

Demo Adewusi said...

When our govt stops leakages and wastages, then ask the people for more sacrifice! Not feast on 1 billion when you ask us to fast!

Anonymous said...

It costs N1.4 Trillion not N1.4 billion to maintain the NASS.