Wednesday, January 11, 2012


In about three hours, I will share with you specific line items from Nigeria's 2012 budget. Some are laughable, others are ridiculous while some bother on  a very rabid form of executive madness and chronic kleptomania of gargantuan proportions. No apologies to Patrick Obahiagbon !

Just a teaser: The Vice President's office is to buy newspapers worth 45 Million Naira in 2012 and  is to pay out  80 Million naira for "financial consulting"! Please do not ask me what financial consultant is !!!! PULEEEEEASE!

Don't miss it. I am poring over the document and will let you see the pork in three hours!

May you live (and read) in interesting times!


Jide Salu said...

I commend you and encouraged by your beliefs, faith in God and energy not to give up.

Well done and God bless.

Bolanle said...

I admire what you and all those protesting are doing, although I am not in Nigeria presently, I pray for all protesters and may the Lord protect you. Please don't give up. Darkness cannot overcome light, the light shines in darkness, and the darkness cannot comprehend the light. The senseless wasteage and lack of integrity in Nigeria is enough. Keep on pushing.

Demo Adewusi said...

I have updated the blog. Please read and share with others!