Sunday, January 8, 2012


Anonymous said...

I support the removal of sudsidy but before then, can the names of these cabals be published? We've been talking about cabals, who are they? Soludo had the backing of the government in fishing out bad bank executives, why can't the government back the Petroleum Minister - Dizeani to publish these cabals. Bring them to book, fix Nepa, equip hospitals, good roads at least up to 70% before removal.

Anonymous said...

D arrogant petroleum minista, whose words do not offer any conviction or succur, who is not in charge of her home or ministry that r both besieged with corruption, shld pls not show her face on air again. She shld just take a vacation and go relax in the mansion she just bought abroad. She shamelessly told Nigerians that govt had no interest in the business of refineries. By the special Grace of God, they will all be put to shame, those who plunder the wealth of this nation, AMEN.