Monday, January 9, 2012


I just came back home  in the last one hour. I witnessed a very orderly protest in Ibadan, led by students, teenagers and  artisans. They were focused, did not destroy anything and were generally well-behaved. I have heard the same stories from all over Nigeria. We have matured in the practice of civil disobedience and mass action. Can same be said for our police force?

Reports from other places (Lagos and Kano) have implicated the Nigerian Police Force have let down the same people whose taxes were used to arm and  clothe them in uniforms. They have turned their guns at the same people they swore to protect and serve. The Police in Nigeria is a 'FORCE' not a service.

As the process of uncovering the the True Lies of the Jonathan administration, it is clear we still have a long ways to go to educate our police 'force'. As we continue to battle for the soul of Nigeria which has been seized by the corrupt cabal, please be mindful of the following "aluta tips"!

  • Wear comfortable but presentable clothing. Do not dress like a tout or tart.
  • Wear smart footwear. Your footwear might decide whether you get out of arm's way or not.
  • Generally blend into the body of protesters. Don't stand out or make daring, individual displays
  • Do not taunt or abuse police or military personnel. Some of them suffer from deep-seated inferiority complex, curable only through the crack of a gun.
  • Do not throw stones, bottles or anything that might incite or threaten the armed personnel. They have nothing to throw and do not have the right attitude, training  or exposure to respond with "threat of use of force". 
  • Look out for each other. Caution other protesters who do not do it right.
  • Treat all road users and passersby with utmost respect. Remember they have a right to personal freedom whether or not to join the protest.
  • Carry a towel or handkerchief to wipe your face or protect against tear gas.
  • Carry a small flask for water or some fluid. Dehydration is real when you walk from Surulere to Ojota.
  • Offer armed personnel fluid or water if provided. They must be won over, afterall we are in this together.
  • Look ahead at all times. Do not be caught unawares by the presence of armed personnel.
  • Put your phone in radio mode. Keep abreast of happenings elsewhere as a group or rampaging policemen might be inching close to you.
  • Do not wander so far away from home without any plan for transportation. After the rally, fatigue sets in.
  • Should you hear gunfire, determine the direction and run briskly in the opposite direction. Do not exhibit foolish bravery.
  • Find a safe location, protected by a wall, a house of any other strong barrier. Do not engage in a fight with an armed man. It is the height of stupidity!
    Later today, I will review the  events as they have unfolded in the past twenty four hours!

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