Wednesday, November 28, 2007



Work is a very difficult thing to contemplate. In this fast-moving rat race that our world has become, it is becoming more Herculean to look at work through the eyes of a philosopher. Work is becoming life and life, separate and divorced from work is almost inconceivable. We work to live and live to work.

Many a high-flying, A-band, top performing executive is achieving and surpassing the targets at work, gathering plaudits and accolades from bosses and colleagues and moving rapidly up the corporate ladder. Yes, doing good honest work and earning a commensurate pile of dough is not a bad idea.

The big question is: “AT WHAT COST?”

Red Bull, Power Horse, Coffee, Kola nuts are the fuel on which some of today’s super performance is combusted. Sleep deprivation (burning the mid night oil), overwork and other health-draining tactics are being used by executives to meet never-ending targets and goals. Some of you take your work home!

Consider the wonderful nation that we live in and the contributory effect some daily event have on our lives. You probably drive to work for two hours and drive home for three hours in thick traffic congestion, smoke and noise, only to get home and realize that PHCN has done what they really know how to do: deny us of power. So you put on your own generator just like several other people in your neigbourhood and donate your own quota of noise and effluence to the environment. No wander the earth is warming up!

After taking your bath, you lie down on your bed to sleep, but morpheus denies you its potent dose. You cannot sleep. You roll all over the bed and think through the night only to hear the cock crow: morning has come. Off you go, to work, again! How rested are you? If you live in Alakuko, Alagbado, Ipaja and some of these places, I bet you wake up at four-thirty, just to make it to work on time.

It does not take long for the emotional reserves to drain away when they are not replenished and recharged. The end result is stress and its attendant ailments. Stress is real and it kills.

Many fatalities have been occasioned by the silent ominous diseases caused by stress: high blood pressure, heart diseases, cholesterol, obesity, miscarriages, skin lesions, chronic fatigue, dizziness and other health dysfunctions. How can we beat stress hands down?

We are starting a gathering of professionals that will use art forms: music, dance, drama, literature and poetry, history and folklore, painting, speech making, stand up comic, debating and lectures to relief stress. You will learn to play that musical instrument you’ve always wanted to strum! Imagine a collective of people from different backgrounds, coming together to have fun, laugh, play, joke and learn while releasing the pent-up dioxins of stress in their bodies. We want to use art for stress theraphy.

Imagine rediscovering your youth, playing Baroka in Wole Soyinka’s “Lion and the Jewel”, singing “E ba mi so fun sisi yen ko ma I lo o” in very deep but off-key baritone voice and still getting applause because we came to have fun, not to dethrone Victor Olaiya. Imagine delivering a lecture to us on the cultural heritage of your village. Imagine reliving the debating contest you had in your primary school. Imagine being the lead singer in a band despite your deep conviction that a frog sings better than you.
We will provide a warm and conducive environment for clean and practical fun. There will be ample opportunity to laugh at ourselves, our predicament as a nation and humanity.

We will make “fools” of ourselves but we will have fun and we will beat stress, hands down!

We want to start this in the first quarter of 2008. If you want to join us, please text your full name to 0807555 7555 and let us start this war against stress!

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